SurvivalSeeds4Patriots – Liberty Seed Vault

SurvivalSeeds4Patriots – Liberty Seed Vault

Inside the SurvivalSeeds4Patriots Liberty Seed Vault, you’ll get more than 5,340 survival seeds from 20 varieties of hardy and delicious heirloom plants passed down from our forefathers. They’ll arrive packed in an airtight storage vault rated for 5+ years of storage.

There are no GMOs or outdated seeds in the Liberty Seed Vault. All harvested seeds are reusable. Each vault can produce 1000s of pounds of nutrient-dense food for pennies per pound. Enough to feed you and family forever!

These seeds come from a premium heirloom seed provider and top-quality, hard-working farmers located right here in the United States. These are folks just like you and me, with a passion for self-reliance and freedom.

These seeds come in an airtight metal storage container rated for 5+ years of storage at 75 degrees (longer at cooler temps), giving you and your family long-term protection in case of disaster or a food crisis.

These are open pollinated seeds that can be grown, harvested and replanted endlessly, so you never have to worry about your seed supply running out. You can achieve true food independence by harvesting seeds from your own heirloom plants!

You’ll also get an easy and clear set of planting instructions plus a seed harvesting guide. This contains all the step-by-step instructions you need for planting and harvesting – taking all the guesswork out and giving you full peace of mind.

In addition, the Liberty Seed Vault comes with these great bonus reports:

  • The More Valuable Than Gold? Why You Need Survival Seeds Report
  • The Survival Guide to Canning and Preserving
  • The Survival Garden Guide
  • The Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis Report

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SurvivalSeeds4Patriots – Liberty Seed Vault


Glad I have them. We grow a small garden in raised beds each year. These are seeds we will use.
Shipping was fast


I just received My Liberty Seed Vault, and boy am I impressed. the shipping was fast and the packaging was very professional. The variety of the seeds included in the vault are to many to list here,but It covers everything a sustainable garden could need. I can't wait until next spring to plant. Bravo!!!!


Its awesome to have seeds that have not been doctored up in any way. And to have the instructions to grow,preserve and generate new seeds for the future
Thank you


Love, love, love my liberty seed vault. Wide variety of seeds. I ordered 3 seed vaults, 2 of which I plan to not open for emergency backup plan.
Very impressed with the packaging of the seed vault I did open. I started with the tomato seeds and currently have 6 plants growing. Will continue to grow every variety of seed in the vault and looking forward to the harvest.
Thank you once again for a very impressive selection of seeds.


Nice selection of seeds. Have not planted, saving them.


I haven't had time to plant all the seeds but I am mainly interested in tomatoes and carrots.


I love that someone cares about our country & our families future in an uncertain world. Thanks for all of the hard work & love you put into quality products. Precious seeds will be like gold in the future. Thank GOD for your vision & caring about your neighbor.


I really appreciate having seeds that are not hybrids. I can save seeds from my harvested foods and know I will get the same qualities the next year. The seeds were shipped quickly and are ready for me to plant this year or I can save them for next year if need be.


I accepted responsibility a long time ago for my wife and children -- their health and well-being. Now I also have grandchildren. After all this time, I am still learning what that entails. A sustainable food supply is a no-brainer. SS4P Liberty Seed Vault cuts down on much of the skull sweat to choose and find legacy seed. This will be my first planting. I doubt it will be my last.


Fast delivery and a great way to get a large variety of non-gmo seeds to use in the garden or save for the doomsday apocalypse (which I think is coming soon!). My wife was thrilled at all the seeds.
It's a great value for the money.

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